Women in Pakistan (Real Story with Documentary Evidence)

May 10, 2016 - 4 Responses
Malala - a threat to our moderate and tolerant society

Malala – a threat to our moderate and tolerant society (Duh!)

WARNING: This post contains graphic content that can disturb some people. Reader discretion advised.

Disclaimer : This post is work of satire and is intended for mature audience only, it is strictly prohibited for the people with westophobia, having high degrees of patriotosterone. 

Many people, particularly from the West,  keep inquiring about the status of women in Pakistan and its sister society – Afghanistan. However, I have found that NGOs, civil society activists, liberal fascists and journalists from here misguide Westerners about the status of our women.

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How to quickly get laid on Valentines day in Pakistan?

April 14, 2016 - One Response
Happy Valentine's Day Pakistan.

Happy Valentines Day Pakistan.

Disclaimer: This post contains slang; please do not read if you are offended. People with too much Haya, Sharam, Ghairat and pious character may also not read it. Reader discretion advised. This guide is intended only for men. Do women still exist in Pakistan, by the way? Read the rest of this entry »

Pakistan: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

August 22, 2014 - One Response

What will happen of the revolution if you switch off your TV?

It is happening first time in history of Pakistan that a sitting Punjabi Prime Minister is facing a movement from within Punjab. It is a movement by Punjab to sake a prime minister elected from Punjab. Before this, Punjab either used to rise against prime ministers elected from Sindh or Punjabi prime ministers faced movements against them chiefly from Sindh. But the story of this struggle is different. We may agree or disagree with the objectives, results and prospects of the current movement of Tahir ul Qadri and Imran Khan against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif these days, but we’ll have to agree on the fact that this is very strange development given the political traditions of Pakistan and especially Punjab. Read the rest of this entry »

There Is No Cause Whatsoever For Concern

March 31, 2014 - 3 Responses

“Every single creature on earth is here for a reason.” ~ A.D. Williams.

A.D. Williams

A.D. Williams

Recently a friend of mine shared above line from A.D. Williams on Facebook. I sensed some smell of creationism in him so I was quick to respond him.

I disagree with A.D. Williams. In fact, this is what people related to pastoral churches like Williams himself can think. There is an strong belief in creationism behind this line. Read the rest of this entry »

Thar’s Drought or Our Intellectual Drought?

March 12, 2014 - Leave a Response
Painting death with pen in Thar

Painting death with pen in Thar

Reports in the media about a virtual famine in Tharparkar and resultant deaths, especially of children due to malnutrition or negligence, and about desperate outward migration of residents have caused widespread concern and prompted governmental, judicial, civil and military responses. Seemingly the situation is over rated and due to big media players even government is reluctant and on back foot to show that the developed scenario misrepresents a substantial part of reality.

I-                    The drought declaration time in Thar is August, but neither government nor media found it serious due to the reason that there was plentiful rainfall in Nagarparkar and scattered, uneven rainfall in other parts of district. Read the rest of this entry »

Happy New Year!

December 30, 2013 - 3 Responses


Happy New Year!

I hope your new year will be full of madness, craziness, wildest of adventures and great dreams.

May you make love to the girl you have been dreaming past year, may you win the guy you have wished and dreamed about past year. May you fuck like mad dogs. Read the rest of this entry »

Allow your children to tell lies, it is creative

October 11, 2013 - 2 Responses


Society has always abandoned the people who tell lies. The lie is a taboo always condemned without a second thought. A person who tells lies is always given a bad name and humiliated. Even then, most of what we have today is because lies exist in society.  Society has never understood the utility of lies and never  recognized the contribution of lies in the making of civilization. In fact, they were lies which initiated the process of development of thought, culture and philosophy in early human history.
We all know that whole human culture, customs and traditions have a root in one or other lie.  How could you imagine of the social order without the institution of religion in early human history? And we all know that religion stands on a big bold lie – God. And more – the day of judgement, heaven and hell. Read the rest of this entry »

People are consumed by jobs and cell phones and women and…

October 10, 2013 - Leave a Response

I am consumed by what I have always wished and cherished and yearned for ->> Money, women, well paid job and modern gadgets. Technology. There have been times I have had plenty of  them. Sometimes beyond my expectations. There have been times I have had average doze of them and sometimes in the past very scarce of them. Read the rest of this entry »

Rene Magritte, Post Structuralism and Silence of the Lambs

July 15, 2013 - Leave a Response
"Golconde", 1953 by Migrette

“Golconde”, 1953 by Migrette

The ‘Golconde’ was painted by great post-structuralist artist Rene Magritte in 1953. It shows us a lot of men. But it is not how we usually see men. Right? so, is this real representation of how men are?
This is where post structuralism has some insight to offer. Actually, there are no men in this painting. They are JUST PICTURES OF MEN, not men themselves. Thus, if men are not real men, why should they follow the rules of being men? (In this painting there are so many on and above the building) Read the rest of this entry »

Tu Mun Shudi

June 11, 2013 - Leave a Response

Amir Khusro

Tu Mun Shudi 

Mun Tu Shudam

Mun Tun Shudam, 

Tu Jaan Shudi

Ta Kas Nagwed Bad Azeen

Tu Deegram Mun Deegari

[ I have become you, and you me

I the body, you the soul

So none can say hereafter

you are are someone and I someone else ]

I have been humming all the day this beautiful Persian poem of Hazrat Amir Khusro, right after listening to A.R. Rahman‘s recent song with the same punch line from the film Raanjhna. Amir Khusro, a rare happening in the history of subcontinent, can put you into a trance of the Sufi world where you become one with the Lord.

I liked the way A.R.Rahman, the God of the Music, has composed this beautiful melody with gripping and infectious punch rhyme.
Hats Off to Amir Khusro. Hats Off ARR. Tu Mun Shudi…..Mun Tu Shudam….