Revolution In Tea Cup – How to Become a Petty Bourgeoisie ‘Intellectual’? _ II

By Zafar Imam

Revolution in Tea Cup

These days, tea cups and glasses of petty bourgeoisie intellectuals in city cafes and drawing rooms are storming with ‘revolutions’. They are full to the brim with ‘revolutionary ideas’ and ‘movements’. Though most of these ‘movements’ remain inside the drawing rooms or their favorite corners in cafes, yet they happen to be ‘influential’ because of the propaganda of right wing media. Revolution is the most common word you’ll often listen in right wing mainstream media and in petty bourgeoisie intellectual circles.

In previous article we had explained ‘How Tos’ of being a medium size petty bourgeoisie ‘intellectual’. In this article we’ll explain ‘How Tos’ of being a full blown petty bourgeoisie intellectual, who is so ‘dangerous’ that he/she can bring a ‘revolution’ in a discussion over a tea cup.

Things you’ll need

A sitting arrangement in drawing room, café, club or any place you choose for leisure.

A circle of friends, which is actually your ‘revolutionary party’.

T-shirts printed with sketches of Che Guevara.

Quick reference books – if you are a ‘religious revolutionary’, then must have a copy of holy book of your religion, for example Quran, Bible, Gita etc. But if you are ‘liberal revolutionary’ then you must have copies of United Nations’ Charter of Human Rights and other such concerned material.

How Tos

 1 Maintain friendly connections with media people. They are the actual force which you will rely upon most of the time. Remember! Right wing media is the main ally in your pursuit of becoming a full blown petty bourgeoisie intellectual.

2 Whenever you have a fantastic discussion/gossip with other such ‘intellectuals’, must issue a press release the other day and boast that your ‘party’ or ‘circle’ has developed a new ‘strategy’ for the emancipation of toiling masses.

3 Try to arrange a drinks party, dinner or a tea party, in which invite other such ‘intellectuals’, journalists and politicians from your city. This will spread your fame (you need not any wisdom, just fame).

4 Get yourself published in newspapers more often. Pose that you’ve read a lot. You are a scholar of social sciences. The list of names of influential historical personalities and their works will help you a lot in this regard. Frequently give their references in your published works.

5 Whenever you get in trouble in discussion with somebody higher than your ‘category’ of intellect, immediately switch back to religion, clichés and taboos. These are ‘holy’, ‘pious’ and ‘sacred’ things, a few people would dare talk about them. ‘Patriotism’ and ‘nationalism’ can work like magic in your support.

6 Try to be more ‘patriotic’ and ‘nationalist’. If need be, do not forget to use religious sentiments in your favor.

This way you will become a full blown petty bourgeoisie ‘intellectual’, who can bring a ‘revolution’ in a tea cup, storm tables, rock newspapers and change the momentum of history (of your drawing room).

7 Responses

  1. hahaha I agree with you 😀 These ‘liberals’ are worst than the right wing actually. They are more counter revolutionary. I have been criticizing them too:


  2. Comrade Ammar, these liberals are stooges of imperialism. They have commercialized their liberalism and sold it to US. well, you too have written well. liked it

  3. interesting, geo………………..!

  4. very interesting comrade they are perserving to Capital system with their daily revolution

  5. Yes comrade Suleman. right. thank you for visiting, keep coming

  6. I’m not publishing this in health and wellness as there is no chance for comments in that category at this time, and I want to be capable to add a comment later relating to his condition.

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