How Baba Bismillah Khan Celebrates Earth Day?

By Zafar Imam

Baba Bismillah Celebrating Earth Day

Baba Bismillah Celebrating Earth Day

The day Google’s logo was rendered in a painting promoting global Earth Day –Baba Bismillah Khan – an age old factory worker living in the slums of city was taking huge puffs of cigarette and evaporating its carbon dioxided-smoke in the air ‘carelessly’. Off course, that his ‘careless’ act could easily call the wrath of any environment activist, but that has been the style of Baba Bismillah for whole his life. He belongs to the working class, which is often called ‘uncivil society’ by the ‘civil society’ of the world. That his act took our correspondent ‘Saain Sahaafat’ to go ask him about such ‘careless’ and ‘negligent’ behavior towards environment. Yes, Saain Sahaafat too had seen Google’s Earth Day logo that day and was very much inspired from it. Here we present the dialogue between Saain Sahaafat and Baba Bismillah Khan about that matter.

Saain Sahaafat: Baba! You have been smoking for your whole life. At least leave it for a day, because it is Earth Day today don’t you know?

Baba Bismillah: (in a deep voice)….and what’s that?

Saain Sahaafat: So, don’t you know about it?

Baba Bismillah: No.

Saain Sahaafat: hmmm…..Earth Day is a campaign being organized globally to inspire awareness for the Earth’s natural environment. In this regard, people are advised to act environment friendly, switch off their lights for an hour and take part in activities to show that they care earth’s natural environment and want to consume less energy as our planet can be saved.

Baba Bismillah: hmmmm…that’s good. But why do you forbid me to smoke?

Saain Sahaafat: (getting a little angry) Baba, cigarettes produce environment polluting smoke.

Baba Bismillah: (asking rather innocently) Oh my….. So what about the factory where I work?

Saain Sahaafat: Factory?

Baba Bismillah: Yes factory. It produces tons of smoke daily in the air. I too have got sick of its smoke. (Entering hand into his pocket to search for a paper) Look! Doctor gave me medicine.

Saain Sahaafat: But Earth Day is not for factories. It is for the awareness of common people!

Baba Bismillah: But my factory produces more smoke than me.

Saain Sahaafat: (stressing over his point) Oh you uneducated! It is not like that. I am only discussing the Earth Day….the Earth Day…..d’you listen? There is nothing said officially by its organizers about factories and industrial wastage. Got my point?

Baba Bismillah didn’t reply him. He showed no expression, as if he was thinking something deep.

Saain Sahaafat: So?

Baba Bismillah: So?

Saain Sahaafat: You should turn off your house lights for an hour tonight, Ok?

Baba Bismilllah: I don’t possess any house. I live in slums.

Saain Sahaafat: Whatever! turn its lights off.

Baba Bismillah: But what’s the point?

Saain Sahaafat: You don’t understand? Turning off lights saves the energy. It saves Earth’s environment.

Baba Bismillah: Hmmmm…if that is the point, then I have saved Earth’s environment more than you people. I mean….I and my fellows living in slums.

Saain Sahaafat: (Looking him surprisingly) How?????

Baba Bismillah: Yes. There are no lights in slums. Because there is no electricity in slums!! This way we are more environment friendly than you (Cheering, his face glowing)

Saain Sahaafat: (Feeling shame) Oh, Ok Baba

As Saain Sahaafat hastened to leave the spot, Baba Bismillah spoke to stop him.

Baba Bismillah: Wait son! Tell me one thing.

Saain Sahaafat: Yes.

Baba Bismillah: (Again asking him innocently) If saving energy is the point, then why they don’t stop the factories of whole world for one hour, I think it will save enough energy?

Saain Sahaafat knew that Baba had asked a dangerous question, that’s why he didn’t reply him, and walked away rather fast, left the street.


4 Responses

  1. Very interesting that was a great effort to show reallity of Earth day nd Bourgeoisie class.

  2. v good zafar

  3. zafar imam thats very brilliant. you are making waves with your deepest sarcasm of class society

  4. Comrade Suleman, Aijaz and Imtiaz shah, thank you all dears. this your appreciation encourages me a lot. thanks

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