The New Universal Declaration of Human Rights of Bourgeois Society – Second Draft

By Zafar Imam


Today, on the occasion of International Day of Human Rights, I am reproducing the second draft of Charter of Human Rights of Bourgeois Society. I feel that the organization that passed this declaration – UNO, has itself contributed in the violation of Human Rights along with Imperialism in African, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and many other countries of third world. It has become important to redefine what ‘Human Rights’ mean to these imperialist and their supporting organizations. We have seen clear violation of Human Rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of differing political views in the wake of Occupy Wall Street Movement, Arab Spring and many other Occupy Movements in world in recent days.  Thus, I have here rewritten all the ‘Human Rights’ which an ordinary citizen can have in this age of imperialist capitalist hegemony. PREAMBLE

Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and the equal rights of all human beings have long been abandoned, justice is put for sale like any other commodity and the ‘peace-process’ has become a long unending soup opera,

Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in the accumulation of the astronomical amounts of profit for the rich, before which human conscience has fainted; the advent of modern technologies and exploration in the field of natural sciences has nothing but accelerated the money making process for multinationals and big firms, the rate of profit has been proclaimed the highest aspiration of human conscious,

Whereas it has stood essential that if a man or woman is compelled to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, his/her throat must be cut silent in order to protect the order of bourgeois society,

Whereas it is essential to promote wars and conflicts between nations to boost up the profits of the  Weapon industry, particularly those of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC),

Whereas peoples’ faith in the United Nations Charter about human rights has vanished,

Whereas the most powerful Member States have added, in co-operation with the United Nations, the insult upon injury for universal respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms,

Now, therefore the bourgeois society in daily practice has torn apart the previous declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations, it has brought upon its own actual practical Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a common standard to achieve for all capitalist rulers, to the end that every individual and every organ of society, hammering this Declaration constantly on his/her mind, will strive by propaganda and force to promote these rights and by every reactionary and brutal measures internationally, to secure their universality and recognition, among all the nations of world.

Article 1

Not all Human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, some of them are born with great grandeur and dignity, hundreds of thousands of acres of land they inherit from their noble ancestors, they might have big businesses and assets, pomp and power too in inheritance. While most of human beings are born slaves and the poor, they have no right to match themselves with those born in the rich aristocrat families. Though they are endowed with reason and conscience, but these things are not what the bourgeois society strives for.

Article 2

Everyone who is poor and feeble is a subject to the rules of  bourgeoisie society and law, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language and religion, national or social origin, thus to bow down before this declaration is the highest spirit of good citizenship.

Article 3

Only those have the right to life, liberty and security who have enough money to sustain and compete in the ‘free-market economy’.

Article 4

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude in the old manner; slavery and slave trade are allowed only in the modern form. Implementation of neo-liberal agendas and structural economic policies has made it very easy and covert.

Article 5

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment if everybody out there knows about it. However, same methods may be continued behind the bars and in private.

Article 6

Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law only if he/she has the required social and economic status.

Article 7

Not all are equal before the law and are entitled to discrimination to equal protection of the law on the basis of their respective classes. Those belonging to lower classes shall be treated as secondary citizens.

 Article 8

If the need be, anybody can be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile according to the class and the status he/she enjoys. Moreover, States can fully exercise their powers to amend their respective constitutions in order to arrest, detain or expatriate anybody.  For example, USA PATRIOT Act.

Article 9

Everyone able to purchase justice and able to exert power is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by a purchased and bribed jury, in the determination of his/her bourgeois rights and obligations and of any charge against him/her (However, it is our recommendation that matters should be settled in private, judicial process should be used as the last resort.)

 Article 10

Everyone belonging to rich and powerful classes charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent before and after proved guilty only in the condition that he/she is able to settle the matter on behalf of his/her status and money in private. However, those unable to purchase justice for themselves (since everything is commodity in the sacred society of classes), ought to be left on the mercy of the circumstances and as it pleases to judiciary.

 Article 11

(1)   The right to freedom of movement is subject to the provision of transportation and one’s affordability, and the right to residence is subject to the inherited, grabbed or occupied land/house. Since the housing problem is an inherited characteristic of bourgeois society, every poor has the right to wander and roam within the borders of his/her country to seek shelter. If shelter becomes available, it is the utmost blessing of our sacred civilized modern society. Otherwise every poor has the fundamental right to sleep on foot paths – thanks to generosity of the bourgeois states.

(2)   Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country provided he/she can afford. Every ruler and the drug dealer, corporate and the businessman, capitalist and the feudal, General and the scoundrel has the primary right to shift his money in Swiss banks and then leave his/her country in order to avoid legal actions.

Article 12

  1. Every despot and political criminal has the right to seek and enjoy asylum in abroad, this immunity is his/her defense from trial and persecution after he/she has done enough massacre, corruption, maltreatment and blunders in his/her native country.
  2. This right stands might until someone becomes danger for global political and corporate interests.

Article 13

  1. Everyone has the right to a nationality. But only those shall be considered first class citizens who belong to upper/ feudal/industrial/ruling aristocratic classes.
  2. The right to change the nationality is as per the wishes and interests of that nation’s oligarchy. If some one is not a danger for status quo, he/she may change/gain nationality of a particular country.

Article 14

  1. The right to marry for men and women and to found a family is variable in different countries and cultures. While in the third world’s feudal dominant societies, the right to marry is subject to the will of parents and the tribe. Some tribes sell women for marriage in exchange for money – like sheep, and some of them do not bother to ask a women her will for marriage. Some societies marry little girls even before teen age. Bourgeois society recognizes all these customs and traditions and safeguards them unless they are threat to the status quo.

Article 15

  1. Everyone has the right to own property by any means, fair or unfair. Since the bourgeois society exists upon the very right of private property, this is the most sacred right without any question. All other rights are secondary to it. Bourgeois society can not exist without this right.
  2. No property holder, feudal lord or capitalist, merchant or businessmen shall be arbitrarily deprived of his/her property. It is the primary duty of all the states in world to protect the sacred right of private property. In order to do so, a state can utilize every means available at its hands to protect this sacred, untouchable, un-discussable right. Because in history all states were erected to protect this very right of private property.

Article 16

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion if his/her beliefs and thoughts do not put in danger the sacred interests of ruling class and their status quo. This limit ought not to be crossed. If someone is found guilty of using this right of freedom of thought, conscience  and belief against the sacred interests of bourgeois society, either alone or in community, in public or private, in teaching or in practice, in rituals or in observance, he/she shall be punished in various ways, including death sentence in some cases.

Article 17

  1. The right to take part in the government of a country is reserved only for those who are the most corrupt, having a great record of crimes, and who can most cruelly defend and safeguard the fundamental bourgeois rights.
  2. The right of public service in a country is reserved for those who have ability to drag the attention of masses away from their genuine issues and present before them the issues which the country and its establishment want them to discuss and talk upon. The pubic service of a country is a key service; only those who are loyal to aristocracy and oligarchy of a country deserve this service. While being a part of public service of his/her country, everyone has the fundamental right to take bribes and spend tax payers’ money on their own interests, which are after all, the interests of bourgeois and petit bourgeois class.
  3. The will of the landed aristocracy, capitalists and ruling oligarchy shall be the basis of the authority of government, this will shall be expressed apparently in periodic and bogus elections which shall be universally accepted by bourgeois institutions around world, but in actuality this ‘will’ shall be expressed in nexus of corporate sector, aristocracy, religious and ruling oligarchy.

 Article 18

The right to social security shall be given to the working class of a country only if the country faces the danger of a revolt which may topple the capitalist system itself. But there will be austerity measures heavily observed slowly and gradually, not in haste, to roll back all the social privileges which were given to the working classes of world in their struggle against bourgeois society.

 Article 19

  1. A great majority of world is able to work but can not find work. It is clear from this fact that the right to work is not for everyone in bourgeois society. One may also observe that there is growing job dissatisfaction in world. A doctor is working as an accountant, a technician is a manager, an artist is a salesman and a musician is working as a plumber. Bourgeois society has deliberately killed the right of free choice of employment because it wants to create ‘diversity’ of jobs in society. It has taught people to work against their will.
  2. Bourgeois society doesn’t give the right to equal pay for equal work. You can see this right already in practice in world. Even in the most advanced capitalist countries, women are paid much less than men, let alone third world countries. Bourgeois society treats women as the property of their men. This fundamental discrimination is legacy of the most ancient class societies, which is still in practice though in more subtle and alluring ways.
  3. Every worker has the right to remuneration ensuring his/her existence only, as he/she may continue to work for his/her master the next day in factory or in land.

Article 20

  • The right to rest and leisure, the most prestigious of the rights, is limited only to a small minority of society, which is recognized as the bourgeois class itself. It is their right to do nothing; yet enjoy all the blessings life has to offer.

Article 21

  1. Everyone has the right to education – only if he/she can pay for it. Nothing good comes for free in a class society, education too is a commodity. The quality and higher education is only reserved for the children of aristocrats and oligarchs.
  2. Education shall be directed to the full destruction of the human potential and creativity. It shall promote the ideas, culture, manners and etiquettes of ruling classes. It shall also promote intolerance, racism, mythology, and religious madness along with sense of inferiority, superiority and frustration.

Article 22

  1. The Bourgeois class shall dominate the cultural life and arts of each country. Thus everyone shall be allowed/ forced to take part in cultural programs, music concerts and art exhibitions which bourgeoisie wants to promote.
  2. The Ideas are also property in a bourgeois society. Thus, everyone who is producer of a certain idea or set of thoughts can hold it like he/she holds his/her private property. State shall support him/her. It is up to his/her wish that he/she wants to share those his/her valuable ideas, findings, research and exploration with society for free or puts them for sale in the market. Let us again remind you that in bourgeois society everything is a commodity. Everything can be sold and purchased.
  3. Sciences shall work in the favor of bourgeois classes. Scientist shall have right to express freely their findings and theories which give scientific ground to the existence of class society. Those theories shall be promoted officially which give shelter to the class system.
  4. Every scientist shall have right to prove through his/her ‘work’ that the class society is natural and  it is the last solution left to the humanity.

 (Any suggestions to add and modify above declaration are welcome – Thanks)

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