There is no rain in my account

I inserted my ATM card

in the machine and

pressed digits to draw

the rain of  1 full day, unstopped, uninterrupted

and the ATM machine read,

“Sorry, there is no rain in your account!”

I could see the crows, the sparrows, the pigeons

were taking rain-bath

while sitting on the electric wires of  the city

each had their own rain!

and suddenly I realized,

“Its because they had no accounts!”


This morning when

the rain was pattering,

my lady said to me,

“the rain falls when you run out of money,

“there are no sweats to eat,

“no drink to have!”

The rain listened to her – I think.

Suddenly it started to rain very fast – the jealous rain.

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  1. Interesting post. Thank you!

  2. Thank you

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