A very late note on M.F Husain

Zafar Imam

MF Hussain's aesthetic vision in Meenaxi

Eccentric Indian artist, painter and movie maker M.F Hussain died a few months ago. It is very late that I now write on him. It is because I only recently realized that he has really ‘died’… I did not feel his death as strongly as others felt the time when he died.

It happens.

I will remember M.F Husain more for his movie ‘Meenaxi’ than his other artistic work. Off course, that his artistic work was his first recognition. It made him famous, it defamed him. But for me, his 2004 release ‘Meenaxi’ was more lively, artistic, mysterious and aesthetic. Before that he had produced ‘Gaja Gamini’ but it didn’t go quite very well as ‘Meenaxi’. M.F Husain will be remembered in my heart forever for his ‘Meenaxi’. I think it is a rare work in Bollywood. Not a single Hindi Movie I have watched which is as aesthetic and artistic as Meenaxi. Every scene has some hidden message or thought in it. Every color is toned with some meaning in the movie.  Little things and very small details are symbolized in a heart captivating way. M.F Husain has played extensively with colors, symbols, textures and sentences in this movie. It is a dream of an artist.

MF Hussain

Meenaxi is highly aesthetic and alluring, but devoid of any general meaning. ‘Meenaxi’ has no message. It has no slogan. It has no theory to prove. Only It is. A happening. It is as absurd as life itself is. An underrated but awesome creative work of this genius of the East.

The music of Meenaxi was composed by another musical genius of the East ‘A.R.Rahman’. His music in Meenaxi is as aesthetic as the movie itself. His music in Meenaxi requires another separate post, because it is also a phenomenon in itself. Take that track ‘Do Kadam Or Sahi’ and listen it patiently. It will reveal upon you slowly.

A MFHussain Painting

M.F Husain has died. Everybody else will die. But his paintings and movies shall be remembered as a great contribution to the collective artistic flow of human creativity.

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    Good post and straight to the point. I am not sure if this is really the best place to ask but do you people have any thoughts on where to get some professional writers? Thank you :)…

    • Thanks. here is professional writer, what do you want? 🙂

      • yeah right :L

  2. what is that painting of that girl with the eye on her hand called?

    • I want to know that too!
      I searched every where, and can’t find it

  3. I want to know that too.
    It’s really difficult to find

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