How to carry on relief work in ‘calamity-hit’ areas

Zafar Imam

Recent rains played havoc in Sindh

A recent monsoon rain cycle has devastated the whole province of Sindh, Pakistan. Millions of acres of crop is ruined, thousands of villages submerged into the rain water. Government of Sindh appears to be putting ‘extra efforts’ in the relief work in rain affected areas. From early August this year, monsoon rains have caused slowly but effectively, heavy damage to different cities, town centers and villages of Sindh. Since then Government of Sindh, under the historic chief ministership of Sayed Qaim Ali Shah, has left nothing undone to ‘save’ the calamity hit areas and millions of their inhabitants, such that it has become an example and role model for others. Here are we presenting the ‘How Tos’ of relief work in catastrophic and emergency situations. At least this is all that the Government of Sindh has been doing.

How Tos

  1.       The first and foremost action to be taken is to keep declaring the affected areas as ‘calamity-hit’. This declaration of one word (the ‘calamity-hit’) has magical power to heal the miseries of those affected.
  2.       The Head of province or some high officials must keep visiting the affected areas in their helicopters. Their helicopters must maintain a height from where no affected person and miseries can be seen on the earth from the above.
  3.     Continuous meetings of Government officials and politicians, the follow up meetings of those meetings, and follow up meetings of the follow up meetings of the follow up meetings must continue without any interruption.  No matter what you decide in those meetings and no problem if you do not bother to work on those decisions, only the meetings must continue. These meetings can save the humanity even in the worst situations.
  4.      We are putting stress on the word ‘calamity-hit’ again. This word must not be forgotten in such situations. One must keep chanting these mantra ‘we are doing our best’, ‘we shall leave no affected person unsaved’. Governments must keep adding new areas under the ‘calamity-hit’ tag the day in and day out.
  5.     Governments must appeal for the foreign donations. There must be at least one donor conference whenever there is flood, earthquake or heavy rainfall. Photos of devastated people and their damaged homes need to be presented in such conferences. These tragic photographs shall enable Governments to earn a lot of funds.

Our revolutionary, reconciliatory Government has served every affected person in Sindh by employing above mentioned measures. It has served people on a scale so that they require no service and relief anymore now. Because, how can they need relief, when most of them are dying? Dead people need no relief.

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