Still I am a proud atheist




Amir Khusro

Two out of five Gulzar songs, two out of five ARR compositions, two out of five devotional songs (if we count zihal e miskin as devotional; and still I am a proud atheist; really no one loves the God as an atheist does). 🙂
Read full post here: A musical ride: A journey from Amir Khurso to A. R. Rahman 

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  1. Hey Zafar, thanks for reblogging my post. It’s really very kind of you (and again really kind that you posted only part of it linking back the rest to original). I would really like if you can leave me a little note that you are reblogging it, so that I can know about it. Don’t know why, but WordPress din’t sent a pingback.

    Okay, thanks, and feel free 🙂

    • Welcome Ganesh 🙂
      Sure I will let you know if reblog/press your post. I like it and I read it to the end, felt the need that it should be spread, so I reblogged it. Keep it up dear.

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