Financed Ideologies, Sponsored National Liberation, Projected Revolutions and Controlled Class Struggle


Even though Meta-Capitalist system itself has the capability to proffer itself as an explanation of its own binary protuberances but it also claims to be an individual anticipator of all the ethical/aesthetical attitudes and their arrangements in modern democracies.

 The Meta-capitalist logic has also configured an automatic context for different levels of branded discourses/socio-political movements by relating them to the standard political believes, suitable moral designs and ubiquitous aesthetical patterns. Modern projected socio-political resistances (violent/non-violent), all the same, authorize controlled socio-political discourses by bringing out the theory of shifting power centers within Meta-capitalist logic. Most of these controlled resistances not only empower the sought power shifts but they also provide pretext of the endorsements of peripheries. We must not forget that Meta-Capitalist logic purvey efficient corporate programs to modern democracies, so that, it can proceed as centric interpreter of shifting capital amongst different states or Social stratifications. This particular shift of capital also shifts a controlled power to different institutions, such as states, governments, financial institutions, and other socio-political hierarchies. The process of an organize shift of power/capital has also maintains a perpetual commotion within Meta-capitalist logic to give it a dynamic seem.

Modern states, in particular, have been the most prominent consumer of analogous interpretations/ political-wills, sponsored national interests, and controlled socio-political movements. States procure these discourses from institutions like thinking canons, corporate media and controlled research outlines. As earlier mentioned, branded discourses/stances/interpretations shape-up further divergences amongst institutions by replicating a configured context and in this way a classical dialectical categorizations of left and right wings of socio-political beliefs stays in friction with each other.

Global society and class stratifications, in contrast, have its analogous sub-interpretations of free market’s branded left wing/right wing politics. In spite of the fact that radical left-wing politics/radical right wing politics is supplemented by state-centric capitalist economic programs, it aims to peruse the hierarchies of peripheries of Meta-Capitalist logic. Modern left/right is not only providing ideological core to the controlled socio-political resistances against states/democracies but it is all together supporting states/democracies to put struggle against foremost private entrepreneurs to ensure their sovereignties. We also know that territorial adjustments or even the formation of new states has taken place inside modern state-centric capitalist economic programs and modern left/right wingers eventually support private entrepreneurs in a way or another by asserting such proscribed divisions.

The establishment of ideological states like Pakistan, Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia etc. is a perfect interpretation of modern state-centric capitalist economic programs. Left and right wingers belonging to such states have sustained arbitrary interpretations propos post-colonial territorial changes. Both the modern left and right wing philosophies have also designed a consensus over the corresponding interpretations for the contemporary sequences of events/discourses by relating them to the hierarchies of post-colonial sovereignties. Pakistan, for instance, has been relating its sovereignty with other post-colonial sovereignties according to the requisite order. Similarly, left/right wingers from all over have also been prioritizing the methods of resistances in accordance with different regions, classes and societies.

Private financial institutions, private armies/terrorist rackets, and other private industries formulate arbitrary interpretations/ political wills to implement certain left/right wing movements. The Struggle for Freedom in Palestine, The Kashmiri resistance movement, Naxalite-Maoist insurgency, and most recently Arab spring, and occupied Wall Street movement are some of the instances of branded ideologies/resistances. It is also a fact that we cannot recount the role of private sovereignties in this regard but such pro-power shift struggles also exemplify the coherency of flange transformation of the epic abrasion of left and right thinking patterns. These processes can also be understood through Meta-capitalism’s approach towards ever expanding peripheries. Meta-capitalism’s interpretation of fundamentalist groups or parallel ideologies shows that it has been deliberately allowing private sovereignties to put on contradictory substance amongst private/state-owned institutions for changeable reasons.

In this fashion, this system of perpetual resistance agrees with the Meta-context of prevalent political syntax and affirms its absolute indenture as regards simulating survival outlines.

BY: Kashif Baloch, a Seriaki novelist, works for Punjab Lok Sujag

With Courtesy of Muhammad Boota Sarwar

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