I reject Forbes 100 most Influential Women of World list, It has no mention of my wife

Forbes 100 Most Influential Women of the world

Recently Forbes Magazine launched the list of the 100 most influential women in the world.
However, it was only for my surprise to find that there was no mention of my wife. Believe me, I was stunned. Isn’t it rather a shame for Forbes to keep Angela Merkel on top of the list, and that Hillary Clinton, the poor drummer on the second? I do not and can not count slightest of their influence on me, they do not have a far distant influence on my life.

So, after reading the list, my first reaction was to reject it. Yes, I reject Forbes list of 100 influential women on earth. If I were to make the list, I surely would have kept the name of my wife on top of the list.

You see, from dawn to dusk, I am running like a wagon wheel to earn bread and butter for my wife and her children. I can not enjoy a bit of what life has to offer! She is so much powerful that, when something goes wrong, only she has to show me her eyes and I become afraid, sit silently in the corner like a rain-soaked cat. Ah! Forbes people, the fool people, didn’t you see that?

Dear friends, there must be most influential women in your life too, do you agree with Forbes’ list or are with me? Please mention in your comments the most influential women in your life. At least count any three of them. See ya 🙂

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  2. So funny, you are right :))

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