Pakistan: A country living by belly, living for belly!

The only entertainer in Pakistan is now food

By Zafar Imam

In Pakistan, we have plenty of ‘national sovereignty’, ‘National Honor’ (Qomi Gheyrrat), Defense of Pakistan movements, plenty of, almost belly full, conservative patriotism, religious self-righteousness, demagogue political and religious leaders, cults, sects and what not! But we have very less of art, music, concerts, theaters, cultural activities and such other stuff.How a person passes his/her leisure life in Pakistan? Families flock to restaurants, dinning-out, eating-out, drinking-out at outlets in foods line. Almost every month there are hundreds of ventures in foods line and most of them go successful. Experiment yourself! Go out in any big city of Pakistan at evening/night time and see where people go with their families? Restaurants are full, there are traffic jams, ladies and gentlemen with their children going for ‘dinning-out’. And this is how a Pakistani life passes. The only entertainment left in Pakistan now, as it seems, is eating out. Food! The only entertainer. Trying new cuisines, dishes and passing time in restaurants. There are no more concerts, no more art shows. Theaters have become deserts of art! Only ‘Mujraas’ rule the stage. No film-going culture.Cinema is closed for most of Bollywood movies and there are only action movies from Hollywood. There are already very few parks for public entertainment in Pakistan, which too are not well equipped to entertain people.

Families in Pakistan flock to restaurants

In villages, there used to be street theaters or ‘Naatak Mandlees’ before and after Indo-Pak partition. There are no more now. A whole culture of public amusement, entertainment and art has vanished from Pakistani scene. And what is left for a common person then? Yes, ‘eating-out’!

Public Parks and other such stuff of amusement is scarce and barren!

This state has produced more Molvis than musicians, more ‘Naat-khwaans’ than singers, more ballads than beautiful poetry. Consequently, Mehfil-e-Meelad has replaced concert, ‘Islamic Calligraphy’ has replaced aesthetic painting, Ballad (Naat, Qaseedaa and Nuhaa) has replaced music!
Moral Police (Gheyrrat Brigade) of Pakistan has threatened couples and families going out into public parks so much so that now people think many times before leaving for a public park. Thus, the best alternative again is restaurant. And what is in their for? There is no food for thought and soul, Off course, there is plenty of food for belly!

Firdous Aashiq Aewan – Ruling PPP’s information minister in a ‘mehfil e milaad’. State is promoting such activities.

One could say, Pakistan is a state in denial – a state denying all that is beautiful in life, denying all that is artistic, all that is cultural, all that is liberal and secular. It is the state of Molvis and Soldiers! It is a state which has gone primitive in a sense that a common person has, at last, found his/her only entertainment and solace now in food. The country is living by belly, it is living for belly!

2 Responses

  1. Very true indeed,only cherished news left is…..Opening of new food streets..i recall a punjabi short poem of munir niazi…
    Ik hotel wich loki khana ey khay janday si
    Nalay rola ey pay janday si…

    • Thanks Asad. And what a nice share of Munir Niazi’s poem. Indeed, those two lines summarize what I had to say in this post. You’re welcome.

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