Reflections of a Mad Man Gone Wild

Zafar Imam

  • Man is a Subjective Animal
  • Opportunities present themselves to ass suckers
  • Nature validates and nurtures injustice
  • I will say thousand times that man is a subjective animal
  • Of all great mysteries in the universe, subjectivity is the master mystery.
  • Today I wept before Nietzsche that why did he kill God? didn’t he fear from his own subjectivity? that the man will be alone in the universe punished by his own solitude?

Reflections of complete wildness

  • Hell is other people, did Sartre say so or I have been punished so?
  • My creativity is nothing but my madness
  • A good written word is a bad spoken word!
  • I write because when I do, it hurts less.
  • Writing is my pain killer
  • Those who are ‘greater in power’, are often instinctively corrupt.
  • Every published word for readers is exhibitionism of self-projection. Yes, and this post too may be so.

Junoon main aa kar bak raha hon kya kya….

One Response

  1. kuch na samjhy judha kary koe:)

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