The Ghairatmand Green Brain

Zafar Imam

The Green Brain is peculiar of its kind in the world. It came into existence some 65 years ago in sub-continent. Since its inception, it has left its mark on the world, so much so that its frequently being called now the sole responsible for ‘world peace.’

Some special attributes of The Green Brain are self righteousness, religious cynicism, fundamentalism, myopia, bogus patriotism and the deception that it is the last defender of  its religion and the unshakable castle of  its ideology.

The Green Brain thinks that it is selected by the Heavens to preach and spread its self righteous ideology in the world. If some one has objection over it, it needs not to be answered with argument but gun. It not only preaches its ideology with unshakable confidence, but also tries to impose it over people against their will, very less with speech, more often with Jihaad.

The Green Brain thinks that the nation it has produced is the super one, not only in the world but in universe. It has also created neo-conservative nationalism by suppressing other nationalities in its domain. This particular Green nationalism requires from a man to be fundamentalist, away from logic and reason, self-righteous and myopic.

The Green Brain has also created an army which is the only ruler of  the green nation since its inception. This army is said to be the vanguard of  ‘ideological boundaries.’ It defends the Green Brain from all the infidels of the world, and ‘serves’ its citizens. Though this army has lost nearly all the wars against infidels, but it has best proved its metal against its own citizens, who commit bigotry or pose serious threat to ‘national security’ of the green nation.

The Green Brain thinks that human rights, freedom of speech, peaceful co-existence and mutual development are the words which are against its ideology. These basic postulates of humanity and civilization must be eliminated from the worlds if they contradict with its religious madness and national cynicism.

The Green Brain, off course, is very much Ghairatmand. It is filled with Ghairat from top to bottom. It thinks that it is the lost in the world bestowed with self esteem and Ghirat. The Green Brain thinks that whatever loss it costs to the world is fine, but if anyone from the world retaliates in reaction to its trivialities, it must be answered with the bullet and bomb. That is because it is the question of ‘national honor’ or Ghairat of the Green Brain.

Green Brain tells lies. It speaks the language of gun powder and tanks. It is Ghairatmand no.1 of the world. It is national chauvinist. It is disturbing the world, but it is novel in the world. World has rarely seen such state of the mind in history. Lets chant slogans of its piousness and sing ballads of its Ghairat since we don’t want to die by calling its wrath.

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