Converting them for religion or forced marriages?

Zafar Imam

forcefully converted and married Maneesha Kumari

It is a notable fact that most of the Hindus from Sindh ‘converted’ to Islam recently are girls, including the minor Maneesha. If we take this argument of religious leaders right for a moment that ‘Hindus are embracing Islam with their own will’, then I may ask why most of them are girls in their 20s and teens? Why, as a point of discussion, Hindus in their 30s and 40s are not ‘embracing Islam’? And let me ask why only single girls have found such sudden attraction in Islam, why not married ones?
And if we drill deeper into the matter with such questions, we’ll end up in findings clearly contradicting the claims of religious fanatics. One more blow to Pakistan’s religious lords converting Hindus: Why is it so that all of the ‘missing’ (read kidnapped) girls, later appeared married? Not single of the girls was left unmarried after converting her to Islam, neither she was made a ‘sister’ nor ‘daughter’ but all were made ‘wives’! Such questions were also raised by Hindu Panchaait some days ago.This fact alone tells volumes about hypocrisy, lie and deception of religious leaders under whose shelter Hindu girls are being kidnapped in Sindh and later forcefully converted and married. Their families receive death threats in Sindh.  That is why we’ve seen the stampede of Hindus of Sindh towards India recently. And in this rush towards India, uncle of Rinkel Kumari and some other members of her family have also been reported as leaving Pakistan forever. In Rinkel Kumari case, powerful Pirs related to ruling PPP were involved who gave shelter to her new masters and later gave threats to her family to keep it silent.
But recently the case of Maneesha calls for our attention: Now that her birth certificates has been issued, according to which she is only 16 years and 2 months old, we must ask the question that how come a girl not legally adult according to country’s law can take a big decision of conversion to other religion and then marry? Why was it necessary to marry her in so haste when she is not 18 and cannot marry legally? Why Mujahids desperate for earning Sawaab by converting a minor Kaafir girl to Islam could not wait for few more years before marrying her? What is the point in being in so much hurry?  Where are Sou motu machines of this country on this sheer violation of law?
One final question to add into debate: Why only Hindu girls, but not Boys and elderly males of Hindus, are willful to embrace Islam in this current wave of conversion? Food for thought.
It is self explanatory that Hindu girls in Sindh are being kidnapped for illegal and forceful marriages backed by powerful feudal cum religious lords. In such cases, they hide themselves in guise of ‘Islam’ and take support from echelons of power. These feudal Mirs, Pirs and Babas in Sindh are so much powerful that they can kidnap, kill or harm anybody inferior to them and there is no rule of law. Police machinery is at their knees before them and political parties need their support in electoral process. Thus, there is nobody who can interrupt and stop those ‘sacred conversion machines’ in Sindh. It is natural that anybody under such situation will attempt to escape in first chance. Hindu families flocking towards India are example of it. Their departure is understandable; if you cannot stop crimes against them, at least let them go to a safer place. It is simple!

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    • Thank you Rashid. Keep coming.

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