Allow your children to tell lies, it is creative


Society has always abandoned the people who tell lies. The lie is a taboo always condemned without a second thought. A person who tells lies is always given a bad name and humiliated. Even then, most of what we have today is because lies exist in society.  Society has never understood the utility of lies and never  recognized the contribution of lies in the making of civilization. In fact, they were lies which initiated the process of development of thought, culture and philosophy in early human history.
We all know that whole human culture, customs and traditions have a root in one or other lie.  How could you imagine of the social order without the institution of religion in early human history? And we all know that religion stands on a big bold lie – God. And more – the day of judgement, heaven and hell.
How could you imagine of mythology, which certainly had a utility to serve in a historical phase of human history. And all that mythology too is a big bold lie. We all know.
Yes, lies have their own disadvantages and  catastrophes they can cause. But then the truth too has caused catastrophes. So why condemn the lie only?

While parenting children, you are always ready to discourage your children to tell lies. You tell them that those who tell lies are not good people. You teach them a morality which you inherited. Simply put, from home to school, all children are taught to speak the truth and not to tell lies. That is why, we are brought up with the  notion that the lie is a taboo. And for all our lives, we can never see the utility of the lie.

My observation
If your child speak a lie or two, allow him/her to speak. Children who can tell lies from the very early age are capable to think on their own. They are creative children. Because to tell the truth, a child never has to take any effort. But to speak a lie, a child has to think and manufacture it. Children who can not speak lies may end up as dumb adults later. We all know that children most often speak the truth. Why is that so? It is because they reflect what they see and we all admire them.


On the contrary, I propose that if a child cannot speak a lie, you should worry about his/her mental capabilities. A lie needs an imaginative power. A child who lacks this imaginative power, will always speak the truth.
I always allow my 2 years old daughter to craft her own little imaginative lies. Now she has developed the capability to tell me back her version of the stories which I have been telling her. I simply admire her imaginative and creative power. I am happy that she can weave her own stories, lies and false complains about how her mother behaves with her 🙂 (I can see raising brows of moral brigade, but I am OK with it, as I will deal with it later.)
All the works of fiction are basically lies. All great novelists are also great liers. All great artists make magic out of nothing. So what is that? Certainly it is not the truth. What do you think of abstract art? and surrealism? Do you think anything like that exists in reality? Picasso painted lies. But we all love him. Great art is a great lie, but it is much more beautiful than the truth. Much more utilitarian than the truth. In fact, all your religious monks, priests, political leaders, saints and gods have been telling your lies throughout history, because those lies served some purpose in a moment of time.
Lie is a craft which if developed carefully, ultimately ends up in art. When this craft gets sophisticated, it can turn into art, literature, music or finest works of creativity. If your child learns it in very early age, it is a blessing. Congratulations! Now If you encourage your child to grow with it and channelize this his/her imaginative power into something more productive, he/she can become a great artist or a story teller or a novelist or a musician or a leader.

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  1. Myth is not only important in hostorical perspect but myth also played role physiologically in the society. Thoough they were open bold lies

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