There Is No Cause Whatsoever For Concern

“Every single creature on earth is here for a reason.” ~ A.D. Williams.

A.D. Williams

A.D. Williams

Recently a friend of mine shared above line from A.D. Williams on Facebook. I sensed some smell of creationism in him so I was quick to respond him.

I disagree with A.D. Williams. In fact, this is what people related to pastoral churches like Williams himself can think. There is an strong belief in creationism behind this line.
Reasons are all man-made. Every single creature on earth is here without any reason. And that is the beauty of life, that is the greatness of this cosmos. Utilitarian, mundane and a religious mind is always trying to figure out things and associate meanings with them, because this sort of mind is frightened by meaninglessness of the existence.

Generally, men is haunted by vast emptiness of things around him. He is shocked by things as they are! Thus, he can never conceive them without any reason. If things are meaningless and without any reason, then he must himself be without any reason and meaning. Just to give himself some purpose, meaning or a reason, he tries to see reason behind every thing else around him. Because that is how a human brain thinks! If other things have reasons to exist, then there must be reasons for his own existence too.

For the very reason men created ideologies, religions, doctrines and dogmas!  Just to sooth and prove to himself that he is not without any reason, neither this universe is meaningless. It is a sub-conscious attempt to give himself some importance! Otherwise what is the point of any reason at all?
Yes, it is quite possible that reasons existed for A.D.Williams or anybody else like him. But those could only be pure their own reasons. Now, if you want to create any number of reasons, in fact heaps of reasons,  you are free to do it. Existence cares very little about them.

It is neutral.

It exists without any reasons, because it needs no doctrine or ideology to justify itself.

Existence is without any justification.

I have always appreciated and contemplated this quote by Rinzhai: “Fundamentally,  in the eternity of time, there is no cause whatsoever for concern.” I love this quote and its naked beauty and honesty. It frightens a dogmatic mind, a mind clinging to ideologies and doctrines!

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