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Women in Pakistan (Real Story with Documentary Evidence)
May 10, 2016

Malala - a threat to our moderate and tolerant society

Malala – a threat to our moderate and tolerant society (Duh!)

WARNING: This post contains graphic content that can disturb some people. Reader discretion advised.

Disclaimer : This post is work of satire and is intended for mature audience only, it is strictly prohibited for the people with westophobia, having high degrees of patriotosterone. 

Many people, particularly from the West,  keep inquiring about the status of women in Pakistan and its sister society – Afghanistan. However, I have found that NGOs, civil society activists, liberal fascists and journalists from here misguide Westerners about the status of our women.


Allow your children to tell lies, it is creative
October 11, 2013


Society has always abandoned the people who tell lies. The lie is a taboo always condemned without a second thought. A person who tells lies is always given a bad name and humiliated. Even then, most of what we have today is because lies exist in society.  Society has never understood the utility of lies and never  recognized the contribution of lies in the making of civilization. In fact, they were lies which initiated the process of development of thought, culture and philosophy in early human history.
We all know that whole human culture, customs and traditions have a root in one or other lie.  How could you imagine of the social order without the institution of religion in early human history? And we all know that religion stands on a big bold lie – God. And more – the day of judgement, heaven and hell. (more…)

Pakistan: A country living by belly, living for belly!
May 20, 2012

The only entertainer in Pakistan is now food

By Zafar Imam

In Pakistan, we have plenty of ‘national sovereignty’, ‘National Honor’ (Qomi Gheyrrat), Defense of Pakistan movements, plenty of, almost belly full, conservative patriotism, religious self-righteousness, demagogue political and religious leaders, cults, sects and what not! But we have very less of art, music, concerts, theaters, cultural activities and such other stuff. (more…)

I reject Forbes 100 most Influential Women of World list, It has no mention of my wife
May 6, 2012

Forbes 100 Most Influential Women of the world

Recently Forbes Magazine launched the list of the 100 most influential women in the world.
However, it was only for my surprise to find that there was no mention of my wife. Believe me, I was stunned. Isn’t it rather a shame for Forbes to keep Angela Merkel on top of the list, and that Hillary Clinton, the poor drummer on the second? I do not and can not count slightest of their influence on me, they do not have a far distant influence on my life. (more…)