Still I am a proud atheist
October 21, 2011




Amir Khusro

Two out of five Gulzar songs, two out of five ARR compositions, two out of five devotional songs (if we count zihal e miskin as devotional; and still I am a proud atheist; really no one loves the God as an atheist does). 🙂
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A very late note on M.F Husain
September 2, 2011

Zafar Imam

MF Hussain's aesthetic vision in Meenaxi

Eccentric Indian artist, painter and movie maker M.F Hussain died a few months ago. It is very late that I now write on him. It is because I only recently realized that he has really ‘died’… I did not feel his death as strongly as others felt the time when he died. (more…)