Allow your children to tell lies, it is creative
October 11, 2013


Society has always abandoned the people who tell lies. The lie is a taboo always condemned without a second thought. A person who tells lies is always given a bad name and humiliated. Even then, most of what we have today is because lies exist in society.  Society has never understood the utility of lies and never  recognized the contribution of lies in the making of civilization. In fact, they were lies which initiated the process of development of thought, culture and philosophy in early human history.
We all know that whole human culture, customs and traditions have a root in one or other lie.  How could you imagine of the social order without the institution of religion in early human history? And we all know that religion stands on a big bold lie – God. And more – the day of judgement, heaven and hell. (more…)

People are consumed by jobs and cell phones and women and…
October 10, 2013

I am consumed by what I have always wished and cherished and yearned for ->> Money, women, well paid job and modern gadgets. Technology. There have been times I have had plenty of  them. Sometimes beyond my expectations. There have been times I have had average doze of them and sometimes in the past very scarce of them. (more…)

Rene Magritte, Post Structuralism and Silence of the Lambs
July 15, 2013

"Golconde", 1953 by Migrette

“Golconde”, 1953 by Migrette

The ‘Golconde’ was painted by great post-structuralist artist Rene Magritte in 1953. It shows us a lot of men. But it is not how we usually see men. Right? so, is this real representation of how men are?
This is where post structuralism has some insight to offer. Actually, there are no men in this painting. They are JUST PICTURES OF MEN, not men themselves. Thus, if men are not real men, why should they follow the rules of being men? (In this painting there are so many on and above the building) (more…)

Soviet Fashion Times
October 30, 2011

By Chicquero

The collection is inspired by 1950′s, Soviet times. I would describe a collection as a chic Stilyagi (lit. “stylish”, “style hunter”) were primarily distinguished by their snappy or fashionable clothing, considered politically incorrect and contrary to the communist-socialist realities of the time, and fascination with modern music and fashions.

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Still I am a proud atheist
October 21, 2011




Amir Khusro

Two out of five Gulzar songs, two out of five ARR compositions, two out of five devotional songs (if we count zihal e miskin as devotional; and still I am a proud atheist; really no one loves the God as an atheist does). 🙂
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A very late note on M.F Husain
September 2, 2011

Zafar Imam

MF Hussain's aesthetic vision in Meenaxi

Eccentric Indian artist, painter and movie maker M.F Hussain died a few months ago. It is very late that I now write on him. It is because I only recently realized that he has really ‘died’… I did not feel his death as strongly as others felt the time when he died. (more…)