Tu Mun Shudi
June 11, 2013

Amir Khusro

Tu Mun Shudi 

Mun Tu Shudam

Mun Tun Shudam, 

Tu Jaan Shudi

Ta Kas Nagwed Bad Azeen

Tu Deegram Mun Deegari

[ I have become you, and you me

I the body, you the soul

So none can say hereafter

you are are someone and I someone else ]

I have been humming all the day this beautiful Persian poem of Hazrat Amir Khusro, right after listening to A.R. Rahman‘s recent song with the same punch line from the film Raanjhna. Amir Khusro, a rare happening in the history of subcontinent, can put you into a trance of the Sufi world where you become one with the Lord.

I liked the way A.R.Rahman, the God of the Music, has composed this beautiful melody with gripping and infectious punch rhyme.
Hats Off to Amir Khusro. Hats Off ARR. Tu Mun Shudi…..Mun Tu Shudam….