Pakistan: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
August 22, 2014

What will happen of the revolution if you switch off your TV?

It is happening first time in history of Pakistan that a sitting Punjabi Prime Minister is facing a movement from within Punjab. It is a movement by Punjab to sake a prime minister elected from Punjab. Before this, Punjab either used to rise against prime ministers elected from Sindh or Punjabi prime ministers faced movements against them chiefly from Sindh. But the story of this struggle is different. We may agree or disagree with the objectives, results and prospects of the current movement of Tahir ul Qadri and Imran Khan against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif these days, but we’ll have to agree on the fact that this is very strange development given the political traditions of Pakistan and especially Punjab. (more…)

Financed Ideologies, Sponsored National Liberation, Projected Revolutions and Controlled Class Struggle
May 4, 2012


Even though Meta-Capitalist system itself has the capability to proffer itself as an explanation of its own binary protuberances but it also claims to be an individual anticipator of all the ethical/aesthetical attitudes and their arrangements in modern democracies.


How to recruit a donkey for revolution!
January 28, 2012

 Zafar Imam

Donkeys can prove magnificent, hardworking comrades. In fact, they have been your comrades throughout history, but you have never realized it. You opportunist Humans!

In the revolutionary party of the banana republic, most of the members are donkeys. Comrade Reddish in his book “Donkeys’ Other Side” has written that, “in the last movement of the banana republic, had there been a party comprising of enough donkeys, there would have been a revolution in the banana republic!” From this, we can understand how significant the donkeys are for a crafted revolution in the banana republic. (more…)

Characteristics of a Civil Society Revolution
May 21, 2011

Zafar Imam

The layer of society, which calls itself ‘civil society’, consists of engineers, doctors, professors, lawyers, medium size businessmen, Rights activists, NGOtic persons etc. It can easily be distinguished as middle class – petit bourgeoisie. If they are the ‘civil society’, we the working masses, trade unionists, student leaders and leftists are happy to be called ‘uncivil society’, but let us remind them that this uncivil society is in majority in the world. (more…)

Revolution In Tea Cup – How to Become a Petty Bourgeoisie ‘Intellectual’? _ II
April 19, 2011

By Zafar Imam

Revolution in Tea Cup

These days, tea cups and glasses of petty bourgeoisie intellectuals in city cafes and drawing rooms are storming with ‘revolutions’. They are full to the brim with ‘revolutionary ideas’ and ‘movements’. Though most of these ‘movements’ remain inside the drawing rooms or their favorite corners in cafes, yet they happen to be ‘influential’ because of the propaganda of right wing media. Revolution is the most common word you’ll often listen in right wing mainstream media and in petty bourgeoisie intellectual circles.

In previous article we had explained ‘How Tos’ of being a medium size petty bourgeoisie ‘intellectual’. In this article we’ll explain ‘How Tos’ of being a full blown petty bourgeoisie intellectual, who is so ‘dangerous’ that he/she can bring a ‘revolution’ in a discussion over a tea cup. (more…)

How to Become a Petty Bourgeoisie ‘Intellectual’?
April 13, 2011

By Zafar Imam

Now a days there is a growing trend seen in the middle class ‘educated’ people to become ‘intellectuals’. Though, to be an intellectual is not an odd thing, yet there is a fun side of being a middle class intellectual. Most of the time you will see them engaged in a ‘serious discussion’, talking hours aimlessly, but nothing will come out of their discussions. They will flock over the places where tea or coffee is available (Oh, did I forget drinks?), they’ll take it sip by sip, and will try to ‘impress’ the other with their knowledge (which is actually information) of the things, and this whole thing may take hours sometimes. If you value your time, we recommend you keep a distance from them. Being a middle class, that is petty bourgeoisie intellectual is a phenomenon in itself. Now, after reading this passage, if you too feel like you should be a petty bourgeoisie intellectual, read below the ‘How Tos’ of that phenomenon. If you don’t want to, hit the back button and navigate away and please forgive me. (more…)